Tableau Mini-Projects: I'm more comfortable with ArcGIS Dashboards, but I wanted to try my hand at Tableau.

Asthma & Homelessness among NY Youth: I created this infographic in preparation for a job interview in 2019. I got the job :)

Many Markets, Limited Access: I created this map as a project for my first cartography course. I wanted to try a cartogram because it's an interesting way to visualize information. I chose this topic because my parents have sold at the Dane County Farmers' Market since I was 5, so it's a big part of my life. I was interested in exploring accessibility to markets for low-income families.

President's Malaria Initiative: I made these maps for a PowerPoint presentation about the President's Malaria Initiative. The goal was to demonstrate how the coverage of the PMI has expanded over the past decade.

Himalaya-Western Ghat Bike Tour: I created this terrain map for a 2016 Graphic Design course. The assignment was to conceive of a fictional bike tour and show the route clearly over relief and landcover data.

Fentanyl Infographic: For a 2016 Graphic Design course, I got to create a compelling visual story on a topic of my choosing. I covered a topic that is close to my heart: the opioid epidemic.

Vincent Persichetti Musical History: I was hired by musicologist Andrea Olmstead to create this map for a book about composer Vincent Persichetti. This project had several constraints: it had to fit on a greyscale book page and contain detailed information. It was a fun challenge! The book was released in 2018 and can be found on Amazon.

Wisconsin CSA Farms: I created this map for an insert into a popular publication in Madison, Wisconsin. It shows the locations of farms around Wisconsin that participate in Community Supported Agriculture.

Yamuna River Tour: I created this scroll interactive for a class presentation about the pollution of the Yamuna River in India. The goal of this map was to orient the class to the location of the Yamuna within India, its location in relation to the famous Ganges river, and the industries and people that live on its river banks.

Spatiotemporal Distribution of River Pollution: I built this interactive for a class presentation to demonstrate the levels of fecal coliform along the Yamuna River in India. Notably, the river is quite pure up north near the Himalayas, but is heavily polluted when it reaches Delhi.

Antimicrobial Resistance Visualization: This map was created in early 2018 for the UW-Madison School of Pharmacy. Its purpose is to visualize antibiotic resistance across Wisconsin, helping pharmaceutical prescribers decide which antibiotics are most appropriate to prescribe. More detail about the map can be found on its 'About' page.

Rurality Measure in Wisconsin: I had a hand in several projects while I worked at the Wisconsin Office of Rural Health, but my favorite was helping to create a Rurality Report for Wisconsin. This is just one of the maps I created for the report. The full report can be found here.


Nitrate Levels x Cancer in Wisconsin: For my Summer 2017 capstone, I got to try a public health challenge. I used Inverse Distance Weighting and Ordinary Least Squares regression to explore the research question.

Opioid Hospitalizations in Wisconsin: Alongside fellow GIS students Clare Trainor and Jon McHugh, I set out to find what the heroin epidemic looked like in Wisconsin. Finding such granular data was an arduous process, but we eventually found data from the Wisconsin Hospital Association on opioid-related hospitalizations. We compared these data over time and to race and income.

Water Depletion in Global Watersheds: I created this map with cartographer Perrine Laroche. We collaborated remotely (she lives in France) using watershed data from Dr. Kate A. Brauman at the University of Minnesota. This map explores water depletion based on water availability from 1971 to 2000, as well as water use in 2005; it was included in the 2017 publication Water: An Atlas" by Guerrilla Cartography.


Bakery Website: I created this website for my parents' small business. They're bakers and they sell at two farmers' markets in Madison, Wisconsin. Their website needed a facelift, so I created a new one using Boostrap and HTML/CSS. I also created custom maps for their homepage and both market pages using Adobe Illustrator.

Accessible Alcohol Safety Modules: In the summer of 2018, I was hired by Yale's "Alcohol and Other Drugs Harm Reduction Initiative" to improve their Canvas course for incoming Yale students. Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I recreated the interactive tasks that they previously used, but in a fully accessible capacity. These modules were embedded in the Canvas platform, so they are a bit clunky in a plain web page. Still, I have listed the modules in an HTML page for you to explore.