The Most Polluted River in India

Mean Fecal Coliform Levels in the Yamuna
(Jamna) River, 2003—2016

The Yamuna River was once a source of life and prosperity in
northern India, but now it is highly polluted. This map shows one
measure of pollution, fecal coliform levels, at many sample sites
along the river from 2003 to 2016. High levels of fecal coliform
in water may indicate contamination which can cause certain
waterborne pathogenic diseases, such as dysentery, typhoid
fever, viral and bacterial gastroenteritis, and hepatitis A. A key
finding from this map is that mean fecal coliform levels have
increased over the past several years, with the highest levels at the
sample stations south of Delhi.

Use the arrow buttons on the upper right to view fecal coliform
levels by year, and use the buttons on the legend below to toggle
between size and color symbology.

Yamuna River Icon
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